The company CYCLE after 10 dynamic years in the aluminum construction field can guarantee the highest quality construction and perfect finish of the frames.
CYCLE Company was founded in 1995 with the creativity of Mr. Anargyris Konteles and now continues with the momentum of his young children Dimitra Georgiou Kontele. It is worth noting that the founder was the first who produced in Greece arched windows in 1984. 
 The company with professionalism and respect for you provide:

  •   Arched aluminum frames and high quality aesthetics 
  •   Professional support information
  •   Unlimited  construction potential
  •   Modern operating result
  •   Reasonable times
  •   Net profit with respect to quality
  •   Written Guarantee of Quality & maintenance of good standards in accordance with the
    Signal Quality specifications
    SEKA-Q. System 2: 2007


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